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How far is Europe from Brussels?

Andreea was in the first 2011 contingent of WebCom trainees. All good things come to an end, so they say, and she has now returned to her native Romania. But that doesn’t mean that our all-time keenest trainee-blogger could not come back for one more post-stage post. Over to you, Andreea.

Two tailed story: reports and adiós!

            DRAFT REPORT on the situation of trainees approaching their stage completion (2011/2091(COMM)) Committee on Best Traineeships in Europe Rapporteur: Andreea Corbu   MOTION FOR A EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT RESOLUTION on the situation of trainees approaching their stage completion (20011/2091(COMM)) The European Parliament, – having regard to the WEB COMM’s Recommendations […]

Where’s my fountain?

Take a beautiful blond Italian girl, some lines in Italian (because everything sounds good in  Italian) an extended crew of 2 and the ultimate setting: the EP. I know, we digress a bit from the whole “la dolce vita” concept, but before you begin to knock down doors and sharpen your axes, let me explain. […]

We are scary!

What “we”? Well, I’m glad you’ve asked. It’s we, the trainees, we. I got the chance to see all the EP trainees gathered together in one room recently, and the experience was, let’s say, not entertaining. No. It was not funny. Far from it. It was just plain scary. 29 June, 2011. The EP was […]

EP goes job hunting

The EP is a living and breathing institution. But if the 736 MEPs are its face, and the two hundred thousand square meters colossusin Strasbourg is its shape, what about its resume? This is no ordinary individual, so drawing an ordinary CV fell short for the task. The more time I spend here, the more I come […]

Strasbourg, a black tie affair

This is Spartaaaa!!! In this manner, King Leonidas tells the Persian messenger how things work in Sparta. Why I am talking about the famous line from the movie 300, you ask? Well, that’s because until a few days ago I used to identify myself with the Persian messenger, making all kind of spooky scenarios in my mind about […]

The war of the badges

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a castle. It was a big fortress, where rules were being set, and where lords from all over the world came to seek advice and approval. All day long, within its tall glass walls there was a whirlpool of activity. Everyone from simple […]

It’s not all about cute puppies and people falling down a flight of stairs

Cultural diversity, for all us Europeans, is like a nice bowl of steaming hot soup on a late December night. It allows you to enjoy yourself, oblivious of your surroundings. You can stay exactly the same in a multicultural environment without being judged for your culturally bound actions. It allows me to say that I […]

I have a book, and I’m not afraid to use it!

When I’ve been told that I could write something for the European Parliament’s blog I felt like I was asked to write a sequel for the Bible. My first thought was that everything must have been said and done by now, by the trainees before me or by the other editors. I was wrong. Sure […]

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