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Online rants: are you an angry bird?

            Are you impulsive on social media? Are you eager to share, retweet, like or comment? And when you do, do you rant? You are not alone… When using social media – some more than others – you find it normal for people to “vent out”. Social distance and some […]

Sponsored tweets: the customer strikes back

Social media has now for a long time been a tool for interaction between companies and customers but their communication has become more and more asymmetrical, due to their relationships and reach (paid social media advertisement). New trend alert Until now, for example, sponsored tweets were used mostly by advertisers, but this week, an angry […]

Twitter, the new zombieland?

In December 2012, twitter reached 200 million active users (vs. 100 million in September 2011). These numbers show how twitter is becoming more and more relevant as a social media tool. But it's also important to keep in mind another figure: the total number of accounts. In 2012, Semiocast estimated that there were 517 million […]

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