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When the chat is AFK, the mice dance on the TBL

Due to my last two posts having been rather lengthy, I'll try to keep this brief. And in light of the subject of the video, I'll make it even briefer by using as many geeky chat acronyms as my limited knowledge – and Google – allows: CTC? FYI: Geek, "CMG", hired by PTB to D […]

The War of the Bubbles, or: 1999 Was a Bad Year

I never got her name but I will always think of her as 1999. 1999, the year I went to journalism school and the faculty told us students not to buy a computer, but to invest that money in a driver's license instead. The 15 computers the university had bought and kitted with this new […]

My accidental career part deux, or: the WebComm Way

"We are what we pretend to be – so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." Thus the late great American author Kurt Vonnegut defines the moral of his seminal novel Mother Night. It's about an American presumed Nazi propagandist during World War II. Only the reader knows he is in fact […]

How to survive in Brussels being an EP trainee

Alonso’s twenty golden rules for being a trainee in Brussels.

My incidental career: from “The Swedish Chicago” to the EP in ten easy-to-follow steps!

Our current group of trainees – most of whom actually seem to have packed lots of experience into their young lives – have some interesting stories to tell. In this post, our Swedish trainee, Dan, relates, among much else, how he ended up here, from a start in a “sparsely housed (Swedish) slag heap”, what he learned from aggressive Swedish press officers, how come he played a gig in front of thousands of adoring Chinese fans and why he needed to know more about the European Parliament.

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