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Excuse-moi? Do you have free Wi-Fi here?


As summer holidays are approaching we consider it almost automatically that the one of the most concrete proof of the EU legislation with direct effect on the citizens, i.e. the question of roaming charges, is on the table again.

And in fact it is.

Yesterday I got an email from my phone provider saying that they are happy to announce the decrease of mobile phone charges while roaming – 5 days before the deadline set by the European Commission. Well, I am happy, the direction is good, but….

We live in the 21st century; smartphones have basically took over more than 90% of the mobile phones in use. You do not have to be a genius to use one of the VoIP based services to make international calls very-very cheap or even free. But what providers are careful to do is not to change the price of the mobile data usage – at my provider 20euro cents/ MB. This amount is super high and does not really want to decrease. And if we consider that most of the mobile network providers are international, having their companies in several EU countries, I do not really see outstanding technical challenge to provide the same conditions abroad  as at the resident country.

I really think that for the new generations data connection is much more important than voice, and EU legislation should move to this way.

But until than we plan our holiday accommodations based on free Wi-Fi facilities, going around on holiday resorts looking for free Wi-Fi signal.

See some further official info on it here

And of course thank you for Karen van Bryan for the picture


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