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World Cup 2014: Good luck Europe!

It’s already been one week since the World Cup 2014 has started. But we can already say that Europe is playing well. Keep up the good work, Europe!

Out of the 32 countries that qualified, ten are European: Croatia, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, England, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Belgium. As we speak, they scored 25 goals on 60 in total. Yes, we have a lot of goals this year. Top 5 Europeans shooters for now (who could win the golden shoe): Thomas Müller (Germany), Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben (Netherlands), Karim Benzema (France) and Mario Mandžukić (Croatia).

I’m speaking about the World Cup but I don’t think we’ve met since this is my first post on this blog. I’m Laura, I’m Belgian, I’m the French editor of Webcomm and I’ve been working here for one year and a half. Am I a football expert? Not really. It took me until this year to fully understand the "offside" rule.  




Working at Webcomm has changed a few things in my life. Firstly, I became really protective about my country. Working with people coming from so many different countries makes you want to be able to show the best of yours. If I'm completely honest, I'd have to say that I don't take kindly to criticism that refers to “Bruxhell," as some people call it. If I'm completely honest I'd also have to admit that sometimes, my colleagues are right. Secondly, I started take a real interest in politics, which wasn’t the case before. Finally, I’m passionate about the World Cup. Having a colleague from each European country qualified really changes everything. You’re happy for them when they win, you share their pain and a hug when they lose.

While waiting for the constitutive session of the European Parliament, which will take place in Strasbourg from 1 July to 3 July, we sometimes gather around Place Lux at the end of the day to watch a game in a bar. The big thing this year is that the magistrate of Ixelles, the municipality where the European Parliament has its premises in Brussels, forbids the bars to have a screen outside. Yes, this is one of those things my colleagues are right to complain about ;-) But it doesn’t spoil our pleasure. (Don’t say that in Belgium it rains all the time anyway, it’s not true!).

That being said, I’ll stop my writing here because let’s be honest: the World Cup is just starting, we don’t know yet what to expect… But I’m proud to be European, and I wish good luck to all European teams. May the best team win!  





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