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#EP2014: We need your help for final communication push!

A few days left until the EU elections. Will social media make a difference? We hope so! In these last few days we would like to reach as many people as possible & for this we need your help. Here a few tools that could help you communicate during these last days before elections.


Take part in our Thunderclap to spread the #iVote message. This crowdspeaking platform allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of the social networks. You can subscribe with your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account.

One day before the election the platform will send one Twitter-sized message through all subscribed accounts to create an online buzz. To be sent we need 250 subcribers, so far we have about half.

Social Media Toolkit

This simple brochure features everything you need to promote the elections. In just four-pages, the PDF sums up key information and links to election content.

There are various Facebook apps like I am a voter prompting you to send virtual voting balloons to friends or Taste of Europe that helps you organize an election party with European dishes.

Content like election infographics, links to MEPs and political parties on social media, articles on the election laws in all EU countries etc. ad a more informative touch.

Election Videos


We are trying to address first time voters with a special video. Music, colours, script – all a bit informal, young and rough.

This is an ad

The official election video reflects the mood in Europe. Laid-back colours, normal people, no hyperbole.

Election Night Blog & Twitter Dashboard

We will run a live blog for election night. It will offer news and posts from all over Europe in English. A special feature: a visual display of Twitter data. Based on data from tweets that contain the election hashtag #EP2014 and mentions of the EC candidates, we will show most common topics or most influential accounts.

Election results: website, twitter & RSS feed

Another website? Yes, better be safe than sorry. This webpage will be consulted by 100.000s of people during a few hours. We want to be sure our servers can cope! This election results website displays results for 2009 and, as they come in, projections and results for 2014. You can embed this in your page. It will look like this:

These results will also be automatically tweeted via our accounts:

– results for the UK and Ireland will be on europarl_en
– results for France, Belgium and Lucembourg on europarl_fr
– results for Germany and Austria on europarl_de … and so forth.

Find all accounts in our Twitteropolis map.

This press release provides a more detailed overview.

Any questions or feedback? Get in touch: thilo.kunzemann@europarl.europa.eu

Thanks for your help!

Have a nice election night!


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