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Fewer than 20 days to go before the European elections… Has something already changed in Europe? Yes! The sky is dotted with balloons (more than 6,000 to date), recipes are being exchanged, the EP is being boxed, the European flat has been renovated and a wild and crazy cat is running wild on the internet…

In other words, we, the EP Web Team, have been quite busy – #understatement.

There is a Yellow and Blue one here.

There is a Yellow and Blue one here.

We want everyone to be aware of the coming milestone and take the opportunity to choose who should be in charge in Europe. In concrete terms, it means informing about the European elections by all available means, with a dedicated focus on the digital world – that's our playground after all.

Aliki, Tom and other EU citizens are helping us spread the message by explaining why they are going to vote.

We developed, with our partner Ogilvy, two Facebook applications, and the first EP tablet app ever – available on both Android and iOS – oui Madame! On Facebook, it is now also possible to organise a unique event to mark the European election night, namely eating homemade European dishes while following the elections results. 

What about this wild cat? It is a cartoon about a crazy cat where everyone can suggest an ending, which then could get turned into an animation by professional cartoonists (see for yourself, it's here)… I won't tell you my favorite so far. Don't forget to glance at the live streaming of five artists creating the alternative endings – live (until Friday 9th May).


Little blue figurines are also traveling across Europe from every member state to arrive in Brussels in time for the results of the elections on 25 May. Those little YABs frequently report on their journey and you can see them in unexpected places if you follow #YABs2014 on Facebook and Instagram.

Do you know where in the EU they drink the most wine per capita? What is the friendship bridge? If you want to know the answer to these questions and discover Europe in an unusual and anecdotic fashion, you can either take the quiz in the tablet app (the last box) or read our top story on frontiers of the EU.

As you probably know, one of the greatest achievements of the EU is freedom of movement. It has inspired some of our products: you can either discover the world by sending and following your balloon's journey or travel through time in the EU time machine.

On a more serious note, you might be interested in having an insider look at the next European Parliament's possible composition. It is updated every week.

And of course, if you are not afraid of sheep, go and vote for the European elections (22-25 May 2014)!



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