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Yes, we got lucky @ the Grammys

Did you know that a European band was the biggest shop in town at the Grammys this year? Not only was Daft Punk the best pop duo/group performance of the year, but they also took home prizes for the best song (Get Lucky) and the best album (Random Access Memories). The fourth Grammy came from making the best dance/electronica album. So it was quite a night for European music.

A personal hero of mine at the Grammy.

A personal hero of mine at the Grammy.

The French electronic music duo teamed up with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers for the hit song. Pharrell Williams is of course known for being the man behind several worldwide hit songs such as “Happy”, and Nile Rodgers as a master guitarist who played in one of the most successful disco acts of the seventies, Chic, and who can also be seen performing on their “Le Freak” music video.

But what made the #Grammy winning song so captivating that it hit the top ten charts in over 32 countries? Wikipedia tells us that it has a key signature of a F-sharp minor and it features two layers of guitaring – a rhythm guitar part and a melodic riff. The promotion at Saturday Night Live did no harm either, I presume.

So if you want to know what keeps the planet spinning, check out the song:

And congrats to Daft Punk & team, job well done!


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