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2013 Web Comm Christmas Video

It's a long standing tradition since our first video which granted us the nickname of the "Dancing Unit" in some corridors of our beloved institution: every Christmas our team produces a short video, just for the fun of it. In 2013, Rita, Annastiina and Kristina took the lead with Gabor holding the camera and Caroline playing the main character (and the scriptgirl).

Our Chief editor in action.

Our Chief editor in action.

Years after years, those footages have become a key moment for the team, while softly reminding everyone, including us, why we love our work: because we do it together, not taking us too seriously but with a real taste for well done achievements.

Without further ado, here comes our 2013 Christmas Video. We hope you"ll like it.

2013 Web Comm's Christmas Video from Web Com on Vimeo.

All our videos can be found here.


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