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Hashtag frenzy

Cause cute dogs & cats win attention (and they win the internetz)

Cause cute dogs and cats win attention (and they win the internetz)

There have been lots of posts on hashtags before. Hope you won’t mind another one, slightly grumpy.

After coming to WebComm, like probably everyone else, I joined quite a few social networks that I wasn’t familiar with. Being quite sceptical about Instagram, I didn’t touch it for a while, till the time has come. Never been a big fan of it, to me it’s just another tech gadget you can use when bored, commuting or whatever the reason is. The thing annoying me, even though I am a fan of Twitter, is the way people use hashtags there.

Remember few trainings we had lastly? Whenever someone touched the topic of a good tweet, one of the key points was – “use hashtags, but don’t overdo it!”. Simple, yet genius. Who would like to read a small chunk of writing (140 signs), that flashes with hashtags like a Christmas tree? Those just look nasty, and let’s say – turn people off.

Once or twice I tried to browse the “vast” instasphere, looking for something to <3. Didn’t have to scroll too far, till I reached one pic with hashtag frenzy in the description: “#blonde #girl #polish #lips #eyes #hair #waves #curls #selfie #zara #mirror #weddingguest”.

Does that – The Hashtag – ring a bell?

I had enough.




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