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Is the goal really the goal ? – Football Belgica

Despite being a man football has never been a decisive thing in my life. At primary I was not good at it and this was already enough to cut my football career in half already that time. And even though Hungarian teams are not very important nowadays football is very strongly supported by the State: too much support with almost no results.

My son turned 6 this autumn and we decided to give a try – without any expectations – and subscribe him to the local football team. He got professional equipment from the club and together with his friends he started to attend the classes. Yes, he is attending them. At the first several trainings he just touched the ball (most of the cases by hand) but if we have look at the physical aspect, he has been doing physical exercise, developing team spirit and I think this is much more important that scoring loads of goals. This is already a much better approach than a result oriented one (like in Hungary). And as I feel the Belgian education system has also this favourable approach making expatriate parents happy.

Then 2 weeks ago we got a letter from the Royal Football Club, stating that Oliver is registered in Belgium as a football player. Now what is encouragement if not this? Playing is now even more fun and actually he starts to take it seriously. Last Friday he already scored 2 goals. Nothing was imposed on him, just simple team spirit and encouragement.

And what happens if your Belgian team qualifies to the Word cup? This is what we are facing now: nation wide celebration, supporters gathering, and a huge amount of pride for the Red Devils. So what can I say? Viva Red Devils!!!!!



Thanks for the picture for Stevendepolo under CC license


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