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This Time, It’s Different

On Tuesday 11 September 2013, European Parliament launches its Information campaign leading up to 2014 Elections. As you may imagine, this is an important moment for the Web team. Not only are we closely associated with the full campaign, but an important part of it will take place on our various social media. This is also a "baptême du feu" for our redesigned News section of the main website. While not everything does work exactly as we conceived it, one cannot but notice the disappearance of our dear "Headlines" section. Our editorial team now shares a common newsfeed with the Pressroom. In exchange, we got a brand new editorial toy: the Top stories.

20130909PHT19422_landscape_600_300Top stories are aggregating various pieces of content on a same subject, allowing visitors to find in one place everthing we publish about said subject. Since they are regurlaly updated as the legislative process moves on, we believe it will make it easier for the general public to follow matters that concern them.

Of course, one of our Top Stories is fully devoted to the information campaign. You'll find all relevant materials and exclusive stories, illustrating from the point of view of regular EU citizens what's the current impact of EU in their life.

There is more to come – and, as always, your feedback is welcome.








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