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On the topic of One hit wonders

So I've made an appearance on the blog – mere days before I leave the country and return to the homeland. The first thing that hit me when that post was published was: is this it? Is this my one and only contribution to this blog? My very own one hit wonder? Nah. You won't get rid of me that easily.

The other week Annastiina wrote about How to be the "it animal" on social media. It's a rather interesting post and it relates back to what I have in mind when I think of the development of the One hit wonders since I was a mere youngster howling along to Fool's gardens "Lemontree" (for some reason that's the only One hit wonder that I can recall at the moment so it will have to do).

Today the selection is miles and miles wider which makes it harder and harder to surface even as a onetime success. It is no longer just about music when I use the term One hit wonder (yes, I'm going to type it out so many times that you will be sick and tired of the term before this post is finished, deal with it) it's about everything in social media. Maybe "mayfly" would be more accurate rather than One hit wonder as images, memes, music videos, clips, blog posts etc. surface one day to disappear and be long forgotten the next one.

How do you stay afloat in this world of impressions and speedy news? If you're a blogger, like so many others, you need to be persistent. If you're cute and fluffy like Knut (see Annastiinas post) you got one up on the regular bloggers. The trick is to keep writing, find your niche and not be discouraged if you have a dip in number of readers. Decide why you're writing and who you're writing for – what's the point? Why should you be more than a one hit wonder (or a onetime visit) what makes you different from all the others?

And if you have a cat? It is a tested and proved strategy to bump your number of visitors.



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