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So you want to be a webcomm trainee?

A few words from the wise… after five months holed up in the office on Rue de Montoyer all I can say is – Don't do it! It might just be one of those experiences that will teach you something new about yourself, the EU, and interaction with people from different cultures and backgrounds. And you might just have an absolutely fabulous time in the capital of the EU. Sounds perfectly horrible, don't you think?

This batch of trainees is just about to leave the nest and fly away into the big world while the rest of the people working at webcomm will go about life as if we were never here. Unless Gabor finds a nice spot on the wall for our photo for the nostalgic editors to sigh over when they see it. Ah, those trainees, they did such a grand job when they were here. For us, this is the end of an era, another chapter in the book of life. Who knows where we'll end up in the future? Maybe in the future some of us will be back here in Moy cursing the computers and tweet schedules and god know what else.

Don't think that you have to know it all before you come here. What you don't know you'll learn along the way. Five months may seem like an eternity but at the end it feels like we only just got here. If you like writing, if you're a curious and open person who would like to work as part of an international team – this is the place for you. You'll be put to work from day one and most likely work up until the moment you turn off your computer for the last time and bid the office farewell.


        I have no regrets, only heaps of new knowledge, a bunch of new friends and good memories to last me through the harsh and bitter time of job hunting that awaits me next. Your stage will be what you make of it – mine was grand.

(The photo is from the joint welcome meeting of the spring 2013 stagiaires from both the parliament and the commission, the pinhead within the red circle is yours truly, excited to start this new adventure)


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