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Everyone’s a photographer

Here at Webcomm we work a great deal with social media to spread our news but also to interact with our readers and followers, the citizens of the EU (and hopefully a few outsiders who may be curious as well!). On Instagram, for example, you've had the chance to share your morning coffee with the parliament, amongst other things. And isn't that part of the beauty?

It only takes a few taps on the touchscreen and the photo is taken – uploaded – captioned and done. Like this fella:


I was walking home the other day, cursing the blasted cobblestones that has ruined more than one pair shoes for me during these past five months, when I noticed something move in the corner of my eye. I looked around and saw this dog happily poking his head out next to the flowerpot on the balcony. The decision was easy, it only took a few seconds to turn the camera on, aim and shoot a quick photo of this cutie. Then open Instagram, tweak it a little, press upload and share, voilà! There you have it. But I forgot the #hastags #dog would have been a given #cutedog would work as well. The point is that it's easy. Very easy. Everyone's a photographer these days but we all do it for different reasons. For me it's this urge to document and share the world around me. To capture the small or the big moments. The fun, the unexpected. Why do you take pictures? And what makes you share them?

june2And if you need some inspiration try @europeanparliament on Instagram! See below, for a little sneakpeak, of the photographs taken by our avid photographers.


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