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Heads of state addressing the European Parliament since 2004

Have you ever wondered how many Heads of state addressed a formal sitting of the European Parliament? Plenary statistics show that 35 presidents, one vice–president, one king, one queen, one emir and one grand duke delivered a formal address to Members since 2004.

Slovenian and Portuguese presidents addressed the Parliament in June's plenary and it was the second time heads of state of those countries delivered their speeches to Members.

The same number comes from Georgia, Hungary, Jordan, Italy and Palestinian Authority, while leaders from other countries addressed the European Parliament only once.

Length of speeches

The average length of a speech was 33 minutes. The longest speeches were delivered by Mikheil Saakashvili (50' in 2006), Shimon Peres (49' in 2013) and Mahmoud Abbas (48' in 2009).

The shortest addresses belong to former Dutch Queen Beatrix (19' in 2004), Slovenian president Borut Pahor (19') and former Hungarian president Laszlo Solyom (24' in 2006).

To get the full picture, explore the data in the map below. Use this link to view it in (almost) full screen and this one to access the database.


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