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Happiness 2.0

Work. This place where we spend more or less 40 hours a week during 40 years. Which makes in total approximately… well, many, many hours.

Our parents and grand-parents used to stick to the same job for their whole career. We don’t. We explore, like migratory birds do, we try, we 5650274352_019e936a83_zcompare, sometimes stay for a while and then we leave again to discover new landscapes. We have high expectations: the more we try, the better we want. We start aiming for the grail: happiness at work. Surely, this means something different to each of us and evolves as we get older. But we all have in a corner of our mind a precise idea of what professional bliss could be.

Let me share with you what my own dream job would be.

  • Fulfilment. Feeling every day that I’m useful – to the team, the institution, the people with whom and for whom I’m working. That I bring added-value to my professional environment.
  • Learning. From colleagues, from the work itself, from my mistakes, because I’m allowed to make some.
  • Challenge. Being daily challenged, without feeling overwhelmed. Realising that I have limits, and that I’m able to overcome them.
  • Trust. Being given responsibilities, as my boss trusts my professional and personal abilities.
  • Team spirit. Knowing I truly belong to something greater than the sum of its parts, but that at the same time, every individual is important, that everybody is taken into account with its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Fun in seriousness. Of course what we do is serious, but it doesn’t mean we have to take it too seriously.
  • Innovation. Being allowed, and even encouraged, to break my daily routine by proposing new and creative ideas. To infuse dynamism in my projects.
  • Remuneration.  Yes, the paycheck matters, but as a friend of mine once said: “Every morning when I wake up, I ask myself if I would continue doing the same job for half the salary. If the answer is yes, it means that it’s worth it”. I totally agree.
  • Writing. This is probably the most personal item on the list: I love writing. This is something I could do every day of my life without ever getting bored. A job couldn’t be perfect to me if it didn’t involve some writing.
  • Chemistry. This is unpredictable, but might be doing the difference between a regular job and a dream job. The magic sparkle, the cherry on the cake: the people. My colleagues, my boss, my clients. The ones who can turn it all into a nightmare, or make it worth it all the way.

Looking back at this long list, I realise that it seems quite ambitious and even surrealistic. Indeed, it rather looks like a wish list to Santa Claus than like a job description. And yet, it does exist. I was even lucky enough to find my own dream job. Yes: this is Webcomm.

I’m deeply convinced that each of us can find his own dream job. Maybe looking at things with an open mind, and being wise enough to focus on positive rather than on negative things in our lifes would already be a good starting point…


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