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Where labyrinths of bureaucracy exist and en face there is a high hierarchy ladder, hardly anyone could think of launching a citizen friendly project in a thin timeline. The ideas to expand our circle beyond the political boundaries and meet interesting EU bloggers (or journalists), who's printed or online posts catch an eye by its originality and  at the same time meet then in person, came true last week.

The first ice breaker was a Hungarian guest blogger Szabolcs from one of the most prestigious opinion leading political blogs in Hungary "Véleményvezér". We invited him to the EP plenary session on 16-18th of April. Let it be by choice or by chance, but we chose a hungarian guest, since April plenary session held a hot debate on Hungary Constitution issue. So we  thought it might be a perfect case for our guest to profit by following the bubbling discussions live in the EP hemicycle in Strasbourg.

No surprise we managed to challenge his curiosity as the House has 754 MPs from 27 EU member States and works in 23 languages, so is quite a unique body… especially when the debates heat the "roof"!

Szabolcs, being an inborn journalist managed to grab the "creme de la creme" from all his two busy days in the EP,  where he organised himself several interviews with hungarian MEPs, tweeted the debate live from the plenary session and published several posts on the blogging site.

Judging by his radiating face, it seemed that the guest blogger was impressed about the way this institution machine works, strolling along the long corridors of the House  together with the passing by politicians…and interviewing some of them while sipping an afternoon coffee in the Press bar.

"Being always virtual increases the distance from reality, but meeting Webteam in person made me change the opinion" – was his last phrase before Szabolcs left Strasbourg.

In May we expect other guest bloggers from Romania and in June-2 French to come and meet our Webcom team in Strasbourg and learn more about what we do! The project is foreseen till the end of this year for the time being, so lets keep rolling…






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