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Brace yourselves, winter is coming (back)!

This is our first meeting, so let's do it British-style and talk about the weather.

When I packed myself the first time I went to Brussels (old good Erasmus times) all friends were jealous of a short and relatively mild winter. I was happy about it too. But then, the reality struck me.

Being from a country further up North, instead of whining, I should appreciate the weather here. But do I? Not really. Kazik – one of the well known artists in Poland sings: "Poles are so aggressive, 'cause there's no sun almost seven months in a year (..) and it's cold and it rains, and it's cold, and it rains(…)". So keeping on whining (which is a national skill of ours), let's say that Brussels' weather doesn't spoil us, and Kazik would have a decent career here also.

Winter here? Ok, just maybe two, up to three weeks of snow, the temperature rarely drops below "0", but last two days proved, that it's enough for having a traffic catastrophe here. You know that you have to brace yourself, if the communal transport company sends information, that due to foreseen heavy snowfall, they might not be working at their finest the next day.

And so the snow has fallen. 10 cm caused over 1500 km of traffic jams across the not-so-big Belgium, and roads in the capital seemed to be the perfect place for having Cross Country Ski Championship. Of course, since the winter is short and mild, people don't use winter tyres here. No wonder that the highway in the morning looks like as the ancient god of good party Bacchus was playing beer-pong with cars there.

So how do You go to work on a day like that? Here are some ideas:

• Grab a pair of skis. Seriously – you'll combine both fun and exercise. Win-win situation!
• If the snow is starting to melt during the day, fear not! In the evening the pavement would become a perfect ice-skating track.
• "Oh what fun, it is to ride, in one horse open sleigh, hey!"
• Go on foot. Really. Don't let the quote from one of us discourage you: "I'm so tired, it took me two hours yesterday to reach my place, and an hour to go back to work today".
• Go on foot, but grab a good pair of shoes. If you work in the EU-bubble, it's always in good manners to come in a neat suit, with elegant shoes. Tried that once, and the results of hitting the pavement three times with my head are to be seen in this blog post…
• Wait for the communal transport. Oh wait, they said they might not be able to work too well today.
• Sit behind the wheel, and enjoy yourself in the huge traffic in the middle of nowhere. Don't forget a full thermos of coffee.

You think it's crazy, we put so much effort to write about the weather this week? Just wait for the spring to come…

P.S. – For those, who grabbed the title reference – it's only 18 days more!


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