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Bye bye Webcom – for a while

Thanks to Esthr for the pic on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/edyson/191087975/After 3,5 years, 1,417 stories written on La Une, 4,200 tweets, about 1,000 Facebook posts , 23 blogs and one Newshub, time has come for me to move on and see what beyond the wonderful, challenging and sexy world of Webcom. Am I going far away? No, not really. But still, it does feel strange to leave, even for a temporary replacement…

Webcom is everything I've seen in the Parliament so far, and I'm pretty sure I've seen the best of the institution. Is it a reason to stop here and not see what's going on around Webcom a bit?

I'm sure it is not. Because here, at Webcom, in our nice second floor in Brussels, we're like in a Garden of Eden (however with a hell lot of work…), far away from interminable meetings with older guys in grey suits. Webcom rocks, as you know, Webcom tries to change the way the Parliament is communicating, but Webcom is not the Parliament.

When, after the summer, our Director – who's also the Parliament's Spokesman – proposed to me to replace his advisor who's going on maternity leave, I couldn't refuse. This is a great opportunity to see how Parliament's communication policy is shaped at a higher level. Such a horizontal overview over the 300 people and tons of projects the Media directorate is running can nothing but be valued.

It's also quite amazing to see how many colleagues have changed since I arrived. I remember when I arrived, not so long ago. I was the youngest, with almost no experience. And now, 3,5 years later, I do belong to the ones that are in the unit for the longest period.

The greatest room of manoeuvre you can have in communication activities lies at the end of the chain, by the people actually doing the operational job.

So time has come for me to draft a (short) balance sheet of my experience in Webcom.

What will I miss?

  • Our editorial room full of great, inspiring and creative paintings
  • The managing of the Parliament's Facebook page, the most innovative thing I've had the chance to deal with so far
  • The backdoor at the end of corridor, which allows to keep discreet when, for any (good) reason, you arrive a bit late to work in the morning…
  • The operational aspects of the job. The greatest room of manoeuvre you can have in communication activities lies at the end of the chain, by the people actually doing the operational job.
  • The fun&creative atmosphere in the team, with the feeling that everything is possible

What won't I miss?

  • My colleagues… for the simple reason that I will physically stay with them, the team of our Director being on the same floor as Webcom
  • Steve, for the simple reason that he unfortunately (for us) left himself already, and – who knows – I may even see him a bit more in my new functions…
  • The workload, because Webcom, as great as it is, is definitely not a place to rest with all the projects going on. I will for sure not get less to do by moving nevertheless (and it's good so!).
  • The Newshub, which took me so much of energy in the last year. Sure, the tool is amazing, but somehow I cant see it any more!


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