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The football, the union

"Tous contre l´Espagne!". Eight thirty in the morning, metro, line 1, destination Gare Central. A young man, around 20 years old, gests into the last coach. He has one hundred things in his hands: documents, an iPod, a huge bag and a magazine. He drops into a seat without even looking who is next to him and continues reading.

"Tous contre l´Espagne!". This is the cover of a sport magazine. Cups and hands raised as sign of victory, sportsmen from different areas dressed in a predominantly red colour and with one common link: the Spanish nationality, just in case there was any doubt.

"Tous contre l´Espagne!". This phrase has already become a slogan in sports journalism, and in turn, it is more and more used by football fans, but not by Spaniards, again, just in case there was any doubt.

The love-hate feeling between teams and fans in international competitions, such as the Euro2012, not only "faces" European countries, but also, strengthens national signs.

This is particularly in States such as Spain, because eternal rivals get together now for a common goal: the Spanish victory. This feeling of union is evident not only in football but also in other sports, like tennis, Formula 1 or cycling.

The first match of Euro2012 was held on Saturday June 8th, the day before Spain accepted the European help to its banks. The day that the most pessimistic media had predicted finally arrived. Spanish team played on Sunday, June 10th, against Italy.

During the 90 minutes of the match, almost all the Spaniards got carried away by the football. The European help was a reality, and they all knew that the risk premium would continue growing on Monday and the number of unemployees too, but during those 90 minutes there was nothing to worry but the shots on goal from the Italian team.

Minute 90. The referee blew the end of the match. Back to reality. But only until next match and next victory, and of course, next "Tous avec l´Espagne!".


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