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All is revealed: the 15 shows in the Christmas video.

Our latest Christmas video, as afficionados of this blog, and indeed many others, know, is based on the title sequences of 15 well-known TV shows. Well-known? Well, yes. But so far, no-one has been able to recognise them all, with age and nationality playing a clear role in determining which ones are familiar and which completely mysterious. 

So here, how, the definitive guide to the 15 shows to which we pay homage, with the title sequences which inspired us. Enjoy!

Charlie's Angels


Hawaii 5-0




Married with children


30 Rock


Pippi Longstocking


The Wire


The Sopranos




Murder She wrote

Unfortunately, embeddding is disabled on YouTube for this one, so just a link, I'm afraid



Addams Family




Beverley Hills 90210


The West Wing


Mad Men

Embedding also disallowed here, I fear



And finally…

We are not alone (though we were before these people!). Still, good luck to them. Along the same lines, albeit a slightly different concept. (How come they have ten times as many views???


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