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Farewell or time for new adventures

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It’s 15h21 of Wednesday, the 29th June and the usher has come to take off my name from the office door. Parliament’s efficiency is sometimes surprising: my last day in the Parliament is only tomorrow. Anete whom I have been replacing during her baby time will be back on Friday.

It’s officially an end of an era, the EP II one.

When on December 2009 I came back to the Parliament, I was as destroyed and tired as a kitten hit by a car.  When people asked my how it felt to be back here, I said it was like crawling back into mother’s womb. After the scary, crisis hit business environment, here it felt like the safest place in the universe: reasonable work-load, decent salary, beautiful Parliament house and a boss(es) that would never yell. Though super weird (they say one should never work for the same company twice), it was nice to be back.

But even nicer was to join this team, the WebComm: unexpectedly young and dynamic, creative and always on the wave. Though it might be hard to tell and also explain why, this time has been precious to me beyond words. I am very thankful for it. And don’t take it wrong, but the bloody website project part was the one I enjoyed the most. Really.

But I am also happy to go on. I have always been much attached to the balance with ‘outside’ life and world, and somewhat happy not to be an official and tied to any EU Institution forever. For past couple of weeks I have been browsing the job offers and daydreaming how one or the other position or project would be in life, how would I work on it… True, business environment is different, working hours longer, risks higher, salaries smaller, but the career curb and adrenalin is goes up too.

I dare to hope the crisis in job market is truly over.

It’s highly possible that one day I might come back. For me, the Parliament is not an Institution; it’s more like a family house, like being back with mom and dad. The island (Isola felice?) where one can seek safety, nice welcome and caring environment. But now, just like all little kittens, once fed and calmed down, I am ready for new adventures in the dangerous word. To work till midnight, deliver above possible, learn new stuff every second, be under 100000000 kg pressure and all that.

Thanks momdadParliament, I love you, but truth is that now I am quite happy to leave again. I’ll keep you posted how it goes.


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