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And…if we did it in Strasbourg?

The Strasbourg Cathedral is said to be the highest in Europe, but I never managed to find out if this is an urban legend...Photo by Creeping D. on Flickr

Unfortunately I often have the impression that the European Parliament is more known to the outside world for its mass migration between Brussels and Strasbourg than for the laws it makes. This weekend I think I found the solution to the two seats dilemma…

What if we all moved to Strasbourg? The quiet Alsacian capital would gain the international flavour which it lacks today, and we would still have our friends close to us (tell the truth: all of us have very good friends in the EP).

How did I get to this conclusion? By spending the weekend in Strasbourg on the occasion of the Open Days on Sunday, where I took care of the Web Comm stand together with Thilo.

My five reasons to move to Strasbourg

On Saturday I met one of my best friends who lives in Switzerland and came to see me with her 5 month-old baby. This is already the first advantage of Strasbourg: so close to Milan and many other places where I have friends and family. It’s really at the heart of Europe and thanks to French trains you don’t need to fly.

The weather was extraordinary and we walked all day with the baby. We wondered around between the stunning cathedral, the Petite France area, some French ‘bo-bo’ bars, the “quais” greener than ever and a few very interesting shops. What a beautiful city, quelle classe! All clean and at the same time decontracté, not too posh, not too popular, not too touristic and – most important – all the centre is dedicated to pedestrians and bikes…Second reason to be in Strasbourg: everything looks nice, even people!

We had a wonderful lunch based on typical French crêpes and in the evening a fully acceptable pizza in a lovely square, dining outside without a single car passing by. On Sunday the dinner consisted on a very tasty Thai dish in the middle of Petite France, listening to the water falling and – again – not a single car within a radius of 500 m. Third reason to live in Strasbourg: good food and not only French ;)

Yesterday I worked at the Open Days and I came to the EP by boat…what light, what landscape, what a dream! The fourth reason to be in love with Strasbourg is its nature and the water everywhere. Cities with water for me have 100 points more than the others.

I could continue but I’ll stop at five and I’m sure that with this last one I will definetely convince my colleagues. In front of the Parliament, just 3 minutes walk away, there is a huge open-air swimming pool with a lot of grass to lie out and take the sun, 3 minutes away from the Parliament! How could I have been unaware of that for over 7 years?! I promise that I will make up for lost time. During my next weekends in Strasbourg. Or when they will decide to move the Parliament here, following my humble suggestion.

PS: It seems that I’m not the only one thinking like that. Have a look here.


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