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L’isola felice


Pic by MrTichborne

“Oh, you’re on isola felice?”

A  secret source says that in the past week at least three persons in the Parliament have referred with this term to our detached building of Montoyer street nr 75, and we, the WebComm, situated here are apparently a part of it. Isola felice. As a happy island, but exactly in Italian.

Though I would have expected this term to come up once the Parliament would have moved from Strasbourg and Brussels to it’s single siège in Marseille, and our offices would be detached – as it has become a custom – probably to Iles de Frioul, indeed, why not, let’s accept that we are on a happy island already. It’s a matter of attitude, after all, whatever that means.

I thought about it, and found couple of reasons – some true, some imaginary and some notexactlyrelevant – why WebComm could easily qualify for the happy island appellation.

  • We have a boss that we all love and great editorial coordinators that are loved equally much.
  • We ARE the youngest team in the EP. Don’t argue, it’s probably some 98% true; prove the contrary, if you have statistics.
  • Our work includes being online most of the time. If someone sees us on the Facebook during the work hours, we can always say it’s for the work and no one can cut it off.
  • We have a privileged access to chat with, meet and/or interview celebrities; just look at this http://vimeo.com/22597227 .
  • We have Kostas as a team member and entertainer.
  • We try to write about interesting stuff, as much as it depends on us.
  • When we want to write more interesting stuff, we can do it here.
  • We have a beautiful garden. My departure gift for the team could be a badminton set so they can quit the canteen for picnic lunches with badminton games.
  • We organise meetings in the garden.
  • We will soon move offices to the garden, providing climate change reaches Brussels.
  • No one has ever had any interest in committing armed robbery here, because we don’t have either a shop, or a bank; I was told that it might change because we have a new, bright and shiny coffee machine.
  • Since last week, we’re on a team-boycott against very big, powerful coffee capsule (!) producer who particularly angered us because of their outstandingly bad customer service, though their attitude towards sustainable development and ethics is probably even worse.
  • A red scooter is the most widespread mean of transport in the WebComm. A bicycle may be too.

Doesn’t that sound like isola felice?

Do you need and have other reasons to justify it?


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