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Open letter to “pillar” Christian

Dear Christian,
It’s almost four years now that I have had the privilege of working with “pillar” Christian in Webcomm. Particularly privileged for the proximity of our offices, which made it easier, in case of doubt, “Christian…?”. I disturbed him with questions many, many, many times, and learnt a lot of important things with him. I am deeply grateful for that.

Waving goodbye? (But the main man is in there too...) Photo from 2008 - we were young...

The budget focus is the first product I remember: we were in 2006. I got it, opened it, read it and got the immediate feeling that I had to pay a lot of attention to its author: WOW!
I also remember his interest in the – I guess simultaneous – transitional justice story: complex contexts in need of clarification.
Christian checks, doesn’t give up, comes up with precious information and confirmation, helps, is a reliable source, if he does not know he will find a way, Christian never let me down!
“Pillar” Christian is leaving and we will have to fill in this empty space.
Of course that I am happy with the fact that the pillar is moving further: I am his friend and that’s probably even the best out of it all. But I am much happier because I know he’s not moving that far and might very soon and very often have a group of Webcommers waving at him from a MOY window. Oof…
We’ll be around Christian! Enjoy your life and give us a call!
Thanks, thanks, thanks,


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