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The Wall

We need more walls!

It took me long to figure out which wall to pick up on this time, and that is because I had problems deciding over the ones left behind so far. I guess I made the right decision, however, to blow in our photographer’s office.

Reach your destiny...

Reach your destiny...

End of the corridor, very well hidden and almost all the time closed, this office is a bizarre compilation of photos and posters, not forgetting to mention the enormous, astonishing, yet scary looking devil, seen by the artist, ironically to my view, as “the god of destiny”. First impression proved all of a sudden to be wrong and superficial after Pietro spelled out the idea behind it.

“The art installation on my wall is named ‘The god of destiny’. It is made of transparent roads. The parallel roads are the one that society is suggesting you to take, the others are the one you decide to take to reach your goal:  reach your destiny = the head, the turquoise diamond is the eye of the god. But the head is a round about and there are no paths to the eye. Even if one day you will reach the head you will not understand that you are at your goal because you will keep turning around without never stopping and you will be tempted to take one of the many other roads starting from the cross, so you might lose the path again and again”.

I am now cutting on this part and focus a bit on the photos hanging throughout the room… carnivals and masks in beautiful Venice, cats, dogs, happy faces and colours can easily mesmerize one’s eye. “The wall on the left have an exhibition on it that is named ‘The other side of the carnival’. It was my first exhibition I exposed some years ago in Brussels. The other giant black and white photo is from a friend of mine in Italy, a really good artist and photographer”, Pietro confirmed.

The head is a round about and there are no paths to the eye.

But the most special thing in the office, also in his view, is the cats and dogs in front of the desk. “It was a photo I exhibited in Milano long time ago and it is representing my dog sniffing, nose to nose, a baby cat. I did it in Dubrovnik during a reportage I was doing on the former Yugoslavia countries”, he summed up…

I had no clue photographers are so shy when having their photos taken. Having all this said, one more office just got checked. Next one, please!


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