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Obama – the lost logos

Sorry if I’m slow on the uptake, but as I have been going through a bit of a revival of interest in the Obama campaign lately, I happened to come across these – failed alternatives for the Obama campaign logo, including the original version of the one with which we all later became familiar. It is fascinating to see what alternatives were under consideration. From the comments, there seems to be a consensus that the ultimate winner was indeed streets ahead, but is that just familiarity and hindsight? I have seen how much organisations obsess about logos, the European Parliament being no exception, and how strong opinions can be, but still there are logo-sceptics, who believe that it doesn’t really matter, it being the ultimate association which matters. ¬†Perhaps graphic designers out there can tell us why they do matter so much?


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  1. of course i would answer to that post ;)

    first:thanks for the link: loved it, print it!

    then: why the final one is working more than the other? well, let’s say, in my opinion, it works by its own.
    the other were or a bit too much “arty” or marketed. first ones made me even think of olympic logos.
    others, you don’t even “feel” something.
    final one: smooth and calm. (i have to admit it’s now i’ve read the post that i noted the O in it)

    it’s the sun rising over the country with the last one: hope, trust and reassurance. he had the luck to have a team with good taste that even chose a fantastic typo (for more follow this link: http://www.blog.newsweek.com/blogs/stumper/archive/2008/02/27/how-obama-s-branding-is-working-on-you.aspx) McCain chose a conservative typo.. that was perfect for its campaign!

    last thing: its shape made it so easy to adapt in different ways: like badges, stickers: real and virtual.

    good comm’! but let’s say it: good product to sell. it’s more easy to sell a ferrari than a traban ;)

    Posted by Fred | December 1, 2009, 22:57

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