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The Wall

Fancy going to Kansas?

Well, some prefer to make their office a strict job related environment, with documents and posters all over, some wish to put their personal stamp, or ladybugs like in my case (but this is another story), whilst Eirini doesn’t – She chose the keep a simple and useful approach.

Toto, where are my red shoes?

Toto, where are my red shoes?

Continuing the offices crawl, I stepped into a much ‘whiter’ office than the previous ones, situated at the end of corridor, where my Greek colleague, Eirini explained me that “an office is a means (to work) and not an end in itself. This is why I have not invested in it as many efforts as other colleagues have done or as I did with my own place…The most important thing for me is to be able to find documents easily – of course there are periods when my desk has piles of papers on it but I generally try to avoid it because too many papers around affect me psychologically (in my own place for example, I have made all books vanish from my living-room and bedroom)…”

Yet, as you can see, it is not at all white, as she tried to explain. “Since in our line of work we have to spend a lot of hours at the office, it is important not to feel depressed every time you look at your walls trying to find inspiration… Thus, you can find some colourful posters with EU information (that I got from the Open Days) on my walls (blue being privileged as I come from a Mediterranean country…) and a couple of plants to add a touch of nature… ”

And what about one special thing?

“It is me!” Eirini shouted out. “I would say that the special thing in my office is my cupboard, full of extra coffee provisions that I got from Greece and gym stuff for when I just need to go to my gym nearby to relax in the sauna or (rarely) do some actual sports…”

┬áIt is important not to feel depressed every time you look at your walls trying to find inspiration…

Forgive me for swapping again to fantasy time, but since Tibo mentioned the Wizard of Oz, I am thinking that maybe in what concerns offices, less can indeed be more. Maybe a coloured packed one could mean less than an apparent simpler office, since Dorothy could be hiding her red shoes in such a cupboard, no?

Disclaimer: I am Dorothy’s friend, thank you very much.


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