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The Wall

It’s all about Feng Shui

After Evita, I ventured further on the corridor and stopped by another office which really stands out among all offices and thus caught my attention.

Much more to see here...

Much more to see here...

This is by far the most ‘complex’ and packed office I have ever seen since so far. First question that pops up is “Could anything be possibly missing from here?” I think not. Slowly, I managed to squeeze in without allowing myself to get distracted by all the children paintings, plants or airplanes flying around and asked Pavel for some insights, which I am sure almost all of my colleagues have been wondering about and looked for.

“I usually spend eight to nine of my most creative hours of the day in my office and thus my wall represents a space onto which I project my inspiration and which reflects it back. Many objects in my office have a specific personal significance vis-à-vis my life. To give you an example: maps are important and allow me to travel both in time (such as a historical map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of 1914) and in space, especially when people can show me where they are from (wall map of Europe). Moreover you would find in my office some fine oil-paintings of my seven-year old daughter, as well a painting made by my wife, juggling balls, models of airplanes, trains and cars (I love to travel) and a chess board (chess is a lifetime passion of mine).”

When in the office of my Czech colleague, Pavel, my impression has always been that I am entering an ‘unknown’ territory which awaits to be explored. Yes, just like Lewis Caroll’s Alice in wonderland entering the fantasy world with all the giant puppies, Bill lizards or white rabbits, one too can have a much reality based, yet similar feeling in this particular office, when seeing all these diverse objects, all hiding ripples and stories behind it, awaiting to be told out.

Well, instead of fantasising further, I should just listen to my colleague’s explanation: “Over time I was taught to listen to the energy flowing around us and so into my office space I incorporated elements of age-old wisdom, such as the teachings of Feng Shuei. My office is divided into spheres, which each represent different aspects of energy, symbolised my such elements like fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Flowers are very important in that context. My office space is far from perfect though, but nevertheless I believe that ying and yang are in good balance and people who come to my office often comment on a sense of harmony they feel inside”.

It’s just like Lewis Caroll’s Alice in wonderland entering the fantasy world with all the giant puppies, Bill lizards or white rabbits.

Of course, a natural question I had to mention was related to stuff he wouldn’t add in his office. “Although I have a Czech flag hanging in my office, I would definitely not put up a picture of the current Czech president – perhaps mainly because that place is already taken: inside the frame is a stately photograph of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (1850-1937), founder and first president of Czechoslovakia. He was a professor of philosophy, a formidable democrat and a great believer in the European ideal”.

Well, how about all this? Quite impressive I would dare say. But hey, I have to wrap up for now with this office and continue my journey…


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